Rescued Hound Troy Finds Hope After Two Years as a Stray


Troy, a 5-year-old hound, has been given a second chance at life after enduring two years as a stray in West Cork, Ireland. His resilience and survival instincts kept him aloof from human contact until his health deteriorated, prompting the Cork Dog Action Welfare Group (DAWG) to step in.

Troy had given up on life. But now he has a second chance.

Despite previous unsuccessful attempts to rescue Troy, a local household had been providing food and shelter for him. However, with freezing temperatures and untreated health issues, the decision was made to intervene. Katie Hogan from Cork DAWG explained, “In the current weather conditions and with his untreated and chronic mange and malnutrition, he would not have survived this winter.”

Upon arrival at the shelter, Troy was in a dire state, described in a Facebook post as a dog “haunted by years of hardship.” Covered in painful mange and seemingly resigned to his condition, Troy displayed fear and aversion to human touch. Recognizing his unique needs, the shelter provided him with a quiet and warm kennel space, minimizing contact to help him acclimate to his new environment.

Troy has spent years avoiding human contact. But intervention was needed.

Contrary to concerns about shelter-induced distress, Troy adapted well under the care of Cork DAWG. He has now been moved to a foster home with experienced caregivers who provide nutritious food and medical treatment for his mange. The foster setting allows him to explore the comforts of a home from the safety of his crate and warm bed.

Troy’s past remains somewhat mysterious, but Hogan speculates that he may have been left behind after a hunt, lacking socialization with humans. Despite his challenging history, Hogan is optimistic about Troy’s future, acknowledging that it will take time, love, and patience to bring him to physical and mental health. The support of Cork DAWG, along with dedicated volunteers and foster carers, ensures that Troy’s journey toward recovery is well underway.