Cat’s Great Escape Caught on Camera: Brother-in-law’s Oversight Allows Freedom Dash


In a humorous yet revealing TikTok video posted on the account, a cat named Groot took advantage of a momentary lapse in attention from his owner’s brother-in-law, who was in charge of pet sitting. The indoor camera captured the scene as the brother-in-law bid farewell to the animals with a mug in hand, unaware that the crafty orange cat had seized the opportunity to make a swift exit.

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As the door was left wide open, Groot, true to his feline nature, slipped behind the man’s legs just before he closed the door to leave. The video shows the dogs and another cat looking perplexed at how the clever feline managed to break free so effortlessly. A TikTok viewer amusingly pointed out in the comments section, “I like the other animals looking like, ‘Uh? Did he seriously just dip?'”

An update video reassured viewers that the cat, named Groot, was safe and sound. The brother-in-law eventually found Groot happily munching on grass in the yard, prompting a playful chase to recapture the escape artist. Groot’s penchant for escaping was highlighted with the comment, “His life goal is to escape.”


The video sheds light on the innate behavior of indoor cats, driven by their genetic urge to protect their territory. The Spruce Pets suggests that cats may try to escape to mark their territory, explore potential dangers in their surroundings, or simply indulge their instincts. While it’s challenging to curb this behavior completely, owners can make escape routes less appealing by using foil, smell deterrents, or cat repellents around door areas. Providing alternatives like cat trees or designated outdoor viewing spots may also help redirect their curiosity.